fpmask how-to’s

Designed to provide you the most comfortable and durable mask yet.

How to put on your fpmask?

How to replace your filters?

How to clean the mask?

Clean your mask by heating it
Clean your mask

Sunlight or microwaves to clean the filters

You can put the filters in the sun for a few days after removing them. With your mask you have received 10 filters. So you have plenty of time to let the sun and UV light do the work. Another option that has been suggested by scientists is to put the filters in the microwave for 2 minutes at 600 watt. Note: do not put the mask itself in the microwave. It contains a metal part, which may cause fire.

Hand wash your mask

You can wash the mask by hand without the filter and let it dry thoroughly. Make sure you remove your filters and optionally detach your adjustment cord.

How to convert the mask for the elastic strings to fit behind your ears?

Cutting and fitting

Cut the string and fit the strings around your ears. Tighten them and double knot it to secure it. Cut-off the excess string and move the knotted part into the mask rope holes.

Customize your fpmask to be fitting on your ears
Face mask on ears by cutting it