Comfortable 2-way protective face masks with a replaceable filter

  Designed and manufactured in NL
  Certified and patent pending

  Designed and manufactured in NL
  Certified and patent pending

No air leaking

The design of the mask minimises air escaping through the sides of the mask

Replaceable filter

The FFP1 filter can be easily replaced with new ones or can be cleaned at home

How to fit your mask
Fits comfortably

The mask neatly fits any face shape and is being secured to your face by elastic straps

Durable and re-usable design

The mask can be easily cleaned and is designed to be durable

Low breath resistance

Low breath resistance which ensures comfortable wearing even if it has to be used for a long time

Protect eachother

Not only protects your environment from the air you exhale, but also filters air you inhale

Travelling spec wearer with a comfortable face mask

Travel safe with fpmask
Comfortably fits and protects you and your environment

Now available in fashionable colours and prints

Are you required to wear a face mask? Would you like to protect others? Still want to look fashionable? No compromises when wearing fpmask!

For personal and professional use

* fpmask is not intended for medical use *
You may be able to spread viruses by just breathing, so please protect others. Stay protected from microscopic particles, including pollution, dust, exhaust fumes, allergens and viruses yourself as well.

  1. Adjustable head strap
  2. Shapeable nose bracket
  3. Strap buckle
  4. Adjustable neck strap
  5. Patented technology
  6. Air tight face fitting
  7. FFP1 tested filter
  8. External dust particle mesh filter

No more foggy glasses

The design of fpmask makes it comfortable for those who are wearing glasses. It will decrease the amount of fog on your specs. It minimises air escaping through the sides of the mask, so no condensation will occur.

No more foggy glasses with this face mask